JN-Melsoluite Investment Limited is a building technology and service delivery company. We undertake general building and constructions, residential and commercial apartment including schools. These services includes sales of landed property and management. We consistently deliver to our clients with rapid and high-impact results.

JN-Melsoluite Investment Limited has built a reputation for delivering innovative solutions in the field of building constructions, engineering consultancy services worldwide. We also experts in import and export, freight forwarding, vehicle hiring and sales, including construction equipment hiring.

Engineering and Building construction

We are engaged in the construction of residential and commercial apartments. In the engineering section, the following services are available:
• Plans review
• Building permits
• Building inspections
• Contractor licensing compliance relative to all building
• Survey and Mapping
• Sales of lands

Car Rental & Dealership

We offer you great car rental services across Ghana with best available rates from well-known Brands. We have a network with more than 20 Car Rental Companies. Our customers have more than 50 cars to make a choice for their safety and comfortability. We also offer for sale various make and models of vehicles.

Hiring of Construction Equipment

We specialize in supplying, hiring machinery and equipment for the construction & building industry. We have bulldozers, dumpers, excavators & more.

Facilities Management, Furniture Supplies and Consultancy Services

We offer services and facilities management together with project management. We deliver these services with professionalism and flexibility. We ensure that clients continue to want our input into their businesses. Our valuable clients can experience the following services:
• Furniture supplies
• Consultancy services in the building industry
• Project management and maintenance

Import, Export, Logistics & Freight-Forwarding Consultancy Services

We provide professional advise to our clients who are engaged in export and Import business on up-to-date Customs processes and procedures. Undertake freight-forwarding and clearing of consignments on behave of our clients. Some of the advisory services includes:
• Duty drawback processing.
• Special duty saving programs
• Goods distribution and sales
• Warehousing
• Alternative shipping methods
• Global agent/partner network
• Detailed export and import documentation

Our Vision

A commitment to being a pace setting, innovative and world class sought after service delivery organization.

Our Mission

  • To ensure that we use innovation, engineering technology and quality service delivery as an enabler in business processes and providing solutions to exceed clients’ requirements.
  • To ensure Customer Satisfaction by providing sustainable solutions and quality, outstanding services.
  • To collaborate with clients to ensure true ownership of delivered products and solutions to ensure maximum impact.

Our Values

  • Accountability – Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies
  • Commitment – Committing to great solutions and services that impact lives within and outside the organization.
  • Innovation –  Pursuing innovative ideas that have the potential to continuous improvement in our service delivery.
  • Ownership – We are accountable for the outcomes of service/solution delivery to our employees and clients.